Weekend Review – Apex presents LOCO DICE and SIDEXSIDE

Apex presents LOCO DICE at The Marble Factory, Bristol


Friday 1st April I was in Bristol for the Apex rave at The Marble Factory in Bristol where LOCO DICE was headlining. It was a late decision going to this, as I couldn’t decide whether to go to Elrow at Village Underground in London or this. I had been to Elrow the previous weekend in Birmingham and if I was going to see LOCO DICE at Tobacco Dock the next day, may as well see him twice… right? Plus I love my friends at Apex and since they were playing from 10pm, it was a no brainier!


I was the first one in (again), but not for long… Shortly after I started raving my Birmingham friends arrived. Now the rave changes. As I have said before the Birmingham ravers know what is what and it is a different story with them around! From beginning to end this was a really great rave with happy vibes all around. Even the security couldn’t keep serious. One of the security members Spyda (who is a very nice man and loves his raves) was standing a few meters away from where I was raving and after about 10 minutes he said “aaaa I can’t keep still with this music on” and got his groove on!

Of course LOCO DICE played a spectacular set and I definitely made the right decision by going to this. Since I was going to see LOCO again the following afternoon, I decided to write a note so he knew I was seeing him again the same day. I waited until he finished his set to give it to him.

The note says: “LOCO DICE I loved your set! Will be seeing you playing again in a few hours at SIDEXSIDE at Tobacco Dock, London. From your fan and raver: Bradley Gunn Raver xx”.

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It was great to see that LOCO appreciated it and so that meant a lot.

SIDEXSIDE at Tobacco Dock, London


A few hours later, I was in London having a shower, breakfast and a little chill before SIDEXSIDE. Unfortunately not enough time for sleep, but that didn’t matter… Friday night was a warm up session for SIDEXSIDE 😉

I had been waiting for SIDEXSIDE for a while so I was really excited for it. Again I was the first one in for this one. After chucking my bag into a locker and filling up with water, I went straight to the Great Gallery. Finally, first time arriving at the start and the music was fully pumping, no time for a warm up if you’re going raving!

So I started raving 100% from the start and I was loving life. I was so locked into that first set so much I decided I was going to dedicate myself to that set until it finished. I didn’t know who I was raving to at the time, as I didn’t check the set times. I found out after and it was Jon Rundell. Thanks to Jon for starting the day how you should. He also appreciated the raving, as he said in his Facebook post: “Respect to this guy who is a bit of a LWE regular by all accounts. He’s there from start to finish every event at Tobacco Dock. Hats off to him, keeping it real!”:

I then ventured down to the Car Park where it was going off as always, although this time I didn’t actually spend as much time down there as I usually do. I found that throughout the day I was stuck in the Little Gallery raving away to Joris Voorn. I could not keep myself out of that room, Joris was absolutely smashing it 100% and with the music coming out of those speakers and into my ears, energy was just being fed to me.

What a day this was! I loved every minute! I could say that it is one of the best at Tobacco Dock i’ve been to, but I have been to so many at Tobacco Dock now that it is starting to become hard to compare all these raves. It is my favourite place to rave.

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