Weekend Review – Morning Gloryville

On Saturday 16th January I made my way over to London in the early hours of the morning to get to the Morning Gloryville breakfast rave over at Mode.

There is nothing more I love more in the rave scene than Morning Gloryville. It is a pure example of true raving, 100% pure energy and the vibes generated are something you don’t get anywhere else, it is truly incredible. Even Fatboy Slim had a few words to describe his previous experiences with Morning Gloryville: 

Morning Gloryville was of course living up to its name again on Saturday:

It was well worth the journey and really pumped me up for the day ahead. Although I do prefer the midweek East London Morning Gloryville, as I think the club size and layout caused it to be very packed so it was hard to move around. Same happened at the 5 Years of Drumcode Radio rave at Mode back in the summer.

Hopefully I shall be able to sort another day off work sometime to get to the midweek morning rave over at Oval Space.


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