How to get a raver certification

Over the course of my rave adventures it has become clear that there are few people who stand out at raves who purely express themselves and are dedicated to raving. I believe these people need to be noticed, and to encourage other people to feel more self confident when raving.

A raver certification itself doesn’t cost anything but postage & packaging is £1. Payment can be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

They will only be given to people who meet the criteria:

  • Attend raves regularly
  • Open minded
  • Express yourself in your own way through raving without worrying about what others think of you (i.e. dancing your heart out all night because you can)
  • Positive attitude
  • Strong love for the music

If you believe you or someone you know should get a raver certification, send a message to my Facebook page with a postage address. I shall also be on the lookout at raves I attend for those who stand out.

T Shirts for certified ravers are also coming soon. These will be £10 each.

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