Rave Review – Skream, DJ Die and Artwork’s “Ho Ho Ho’s” Christmas rave

On Wednesday 23rd December I was in Bristol for the “Ho Ho Ho’s” Christmas rave presented by Skream, DJ Die and Artwork.

12370751_1141725652505233_6196932851918933152_o (2)

I bumped into Skream and Artwork on the way to Thekla and they kindly let me in early with them and have a little pre-party whilst setting up.


The rave started at 10pm and from then until the end, it was a truly beautiful rave with top quality music all night and most of all really great crowd of ravers that just pushed the vibe to a new level of greatness.

There is no doubt about it, I will definitely be back again next year for another “Ho Ho Ho’s” rave! So thanks to Skream, DJ Die and Artwork who brought a top quality party to Bristol. I’m sure anyone else who was there would say the same.


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