Weekend Review – Nightowl presents Hot Creations and Banjax breakfast rave

On Saturday 19th December I was at Motion in Bristol again for Nightowl presents Hot Creations.

When I usually turn up to Motion, I am the only one standing around waiting to go in before it starts. Not at Hot Creations Saturday, there were so many people buzzing to get in their and rave!

By 11:30pm it was going off with a full powered crowd and I was loving life and dancing solid all night.


I spend the majority of the night in the cave as the temperature was lower than it was in the main room, but all 3 rooms were on top form all night.

At 04:30 I left Motion to head over to Basement 45 for the Banjax breakfast rave which was solid the whole time. There is no stopping when it comes to Banjax breakfast, just full on raving to bring you into the day! Full on dedicated crowd and top quality mixes made it something to remember!

Next weekend I will be raving in Birmingham for The Portal at Rainbow Venues #EnterThePortal


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