Weekend Review – Get Satisfied Secret Warehouse Rave

On Saturday 10th October I ventured down to the southern town of Bournemouth for an all day warehouse rave.


I had never been to bournmouth before so I was hoping the location wouldn’t be too hard to find. Luckily it was just outside the train station in the Citygate Centre.


Get Satisfied did a really good job of transforming the main room into an industrial warehouse rave.

The majority of the crowd at Get Satisfied were sound and it was great to catch up with some of my rave friends.

There was a really good mix of house and techno throughout the day at Get Satisfied, had me going all day! Music quality = 100%.

Get Satisfied used the same lighting system as LWE use at Tobacco Dock in London. So if you were impressed, make sure you get yourself to Adam Beyer presents DRUMCODE Halloween (all day), Tobacco Dock, London.

I will be back for another Get Satisfied rave again sometime.

Bradley Gunn Raver rooftop rave 2016:

I have been in discussion with a promoter in Bristol and it is confirmed there will be a Bradley Gunn Raver all day rooftop rave in Bristol on 14th May 2016. So save the date and I hope to see you there next year.

Next weekend:

Friday 16th: IN:MOTION presents Apex, Motion, Bristol

Saturday 17th: Alfresco Disco Tunnel Vision, Secret Location, Bristol


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